Chapter Membership

The New England Regional Black Nurses Association, Inc. is a part of the national effort to unify, educate and increase the number of African American Nurses in this country. NERBNA is dedicated to investigating, defining and determining the health care needs of African Americans throughout New England. NERBNA is committed to implementing the necessary changes to insure that optimum health care is available to African Americans and other underserved communities.  Your membership supports these efforts and is greatly appreciated!

Membership is open to all registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and nursing students. 

Registered Nurses  Licensed Practical Nurses
NERBNA = $315.00

Licensed Practical Nurses
NERBNA = $265.00

Retired Nurses & First Year Graduates (generic program)
NERBNA = $177.50

Full-time Nursing Student (generic program)
NERBNA = $85.00

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  • Being a Chapter Member grants you the privileges of National Membership.

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